Michael Alexander Chin

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michael is:

  • Michael is a writer living in New York City.

  • Michael is currently working on the first in a trilogy of novels
    and the pilot for a television show.

  • Michael is a dungeon master.

  • Michael is a pencil and pen enthusiast.

  • Michael is a ghost doomed to wander this plane of existence, ad infinitum, forever.

  • Michael loves to cook.

  • Michael was once banished but has returned.

  • Michael loves slow-motion videos of dogs.

  • Michael will not stop until evil is defeated.

  • Michael enjoys reading at the beach.

  • Michael will succeed, damnit, no matter what you say.

  • Michael loves The Office.

  • Michael is the evil he must defeat.


a big photograph of michael’s face

wow look at him

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"The new pickle."

— This was part of the Squarespace Template and
I thought it was funny

fine, here’s a real bio

Michael Alexander Chin is a writer and bookseller living in New York City. As a bookseller, he has worked for Strand Book Store and Books Are Magic. As a book events coordinator he works to offer a slate of inclusive and intersectional author visits that reflect the literary community’s exceptional variety and outstanding talent. He is currently working on the first in a trilogy of novels.

Michael is also a real-life wizard. They say on foggy nights when the wind blows you can hear his voice echo into the moonlit night, saying:

“Give me extra guacamole…”